Connected Temperature of Color Trends for S/S 2020 Womenswear

Author:Tom 2020-09-02

Color Trends


When first created, robots were just used to emphasize the application of technology. But with the time lapse and the development of science and technology, people need emotional care more. Therefore, the emotional awareness will be the development direction of future intelligent technology. As the micro film Mission by Lexus elaborates, Love is the destination of technology. After all, human physical sensors are limited, and people create the technology to better communicate with the world. Starting from "love", this report discusses the temperature, the meaning and the content of technology in a shapeless and unquantitative way.


Color Trends


Lively real objects are intertwined in a reasonless way, giving visual temperature to cold modern art and technical products. These odd shapes express human irrationality. The glass artist Holz transforms glass tubes in a "free and flowing" way. Customization endows fluids with shapes and textures, brings emotional installation art, and creates an emotional and interactive effect via shapes and colors. These objects pay more attention to the airy feel and the 3D space effect.


Lively Real Objects


The makeup of this theme emphasizes the 3D effect. The lip balm is a main product to highlight 3D lips. The fresh and natural outer packing is summery and pleasing. Macarons tones decorate eyes, thus enlivening the 3D makeup.


Cosmetics -- Lively Real Objects


Currently, people pursue a happy lifestyle. Colors for S/S 2022 are beautiful and attractive. Sheeny fabrics, fitted silhouettes, crinkles, reflective decorations and accessories are recommended. Recommended brand is COTTIA, which delivers a light electronic girly style.


Catwalk Looks


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