Color Trends for Men's and Women's Sportswear of Explore Mystical Lands

Author:Alice 2020-09-03

Women's Sportswear


Digital tools recreate natural or even spiritual experiences. Seemingly opposing ideas and contrasting imagination give rise to the versatile and multifunctional trend. This theme explores how we relate to ourselves and others in a world of extreme disruption, and offers visually comfortable colors. In spite of the influence of future and technologies, these colors focus more on a pleasing vibe. In 2022, we will be reevaluating and remeasuring what we connect with. Puma x CSM Puma joins hands with Central Saint Martins to release the Day Zero series, which is sold and tried in a purely digital way. 2. @thespeedproject, this long-distance relay race gathers runners in the desert and becomes a carnival party. 3. Yoganotch is ideal for remote fitness, which uses sensors to guide motions and postures. 4. The Urban Exploration Series of The North Face takes cues from working in the mountains, displaying how sportswear adapt to modern commuters' needs.


Men's and Women's Sportswear


As working, leisure, urban life and outdoor activities increasingly mix with each other, multifunctional products and intelligent fabrics are ideal choices. This theme fuses outdoors with indoors, so functionality coexists with a fashionable feel via minimalism and utility. Outdoor colors work with lively Radiant Yellow to enliven this palette.


The Natural Land


Plant-based tones connect with nature. In S/S 2022, Lima Bean Green mixes with yellow tones to be bright, novel and mood-boosting. It is recommended for outdoor sportswear and urban leisure items.


Lima Bean Green


For those who can't camp in the wilderness, outdoor scenes such as tents offer them an escapist space. In no need of strong functionality, comfort is key to outdoor and home items. Loose shirts and shorts are excellent choices.


Lima Bean Green


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