Chinese Street Fashion Trends in 2019

Author:Tom 2019-12-04

China's unique fashion trends serve as an inspiration for many fashionistas looking to level up their wardrobe. Bold fashion choices coming out of China express individual style and a fresh look for western style-seekers. Here are some local trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe to freshen up your look. 

1 Wearing Glasses

wearing sunglasses


In China, wearing glasses isn't just for people with vision issues, it's a national trend. There are just too many styles out there! Wearing glasses also provides the added benefit of protecting your eyes from the computer screen and relieving eye strain.


It also gives a "smart look" and can make your head shape look better.

2 Playing with Textures and Colors

wearing suits


An expressive wave of loud colors and textures became popular in China last year. And this trend is still going strong. Adding more pop and color to your outfit will give you a more creative and trendy look. It doesn't matter if it's formal or casual styles adding new textures or prints make you shine brighter.

3 Suits



China's new wave of feminism has had a significant impact on women's fashion. Masculine suits (for ladies) give a professional look and a bold statement for the independent woman.


Online shopping platform Taobao predicts that Chinese women will purchase even more suits than men this year. On the converse, male fashion is becoming more feminine.


Traditional gender roles be damned!

4 Ink Printing

Ink Printing Style


This year, ink printing has been featured across multiple Chinese collections. The integration of Chinese traditional handcraft into modern pop culture breathes new life into the fashion world.


This fusion pays homage to China's traditional arts and history while looking modern and stylish.

5 Stylish Sneakers



Once taboo, mixing sneakers with dresses or long coats is now 'on trend'. China is breaking all the 'fashion rules'- as they say some rules are meant to be broken. And let's be honest, high heels are torture. So, put on sneakers with that skinny black dress.