Chinese Stars Cross the Border as a Designer

Author:Tom 2019-10-29

With the development of the fashion industry, many Chinese stars are no longer limited to professional talents, and they have entered the fashion world, which has surprised many people. In addition to fashion activities, stars also began to try new ways to create collabroated with the brand. Stars cross the border to deisgn the clothing, this is how the designer live!


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01 CONVERSE × Zhang Yixing 


Zhang Yixing launched a joint series as a designer and CONVERSE. Turn ideas into reality, unlock new skills, and share your own design inspiration. The small pocket on the side of the shoe is a blend of the experience of tying sandbags and dancing to the Chuck Taylor design that accompanied him along the way. The cooperation will be officially released on November 1st!





In the autumn and winter of 2019, ETRO and Liu Tao launched the series of LIU TAO x ETRO special capsules. This series contains two sets of different styles of accessories. It is also the first time that Liu Tao has participated in fashion design as a designer. While presenting a personal style, it also combines the elegant temperament of Oriental women with the brand features of ETRO. It is very nice to mix and match or stack.




Liu Wen and ERDOS released "LIUWEN × ERDOS Joint Series 2.0". Injecting the cousin's daily temperament and freedom, warming the whole winter with cashmere, interpreting self with softness. In addition to admiring Liu Wen's waist, she envied her design.


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