Chinese Fashion of The Silhouette Trend for Men's Tees

Author:Alice 2019-08-09

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The tee is a key item for Chinese fashion mensweaer. For S/S 2021, the boxy straight tee with mid-sleeves are the important shape. Combos of different details and tie-dyed fabrics update Chinese fashion. In addition, the hooded tee and two-part sleeves are key details.


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The crew-neck boxy straight tee with mid-sleeve stands out for S/S 2021. Tapes, embroidery, functional pockets, panelling and letter print add fashion.


The Crew-Neck Boxy Straight Tee with Mid-Sleeves


One- or two-color and multicolored tie-dye provides a unique aesthetic. Many Chinese fashion-forward brands including Cabbeen start to use Chinese tie-dye. Today, digital print can create the same effect.


The Crew-Neck Boxy Straight Tie-Dyed Tee


Chinese characters are essential for Chinese fashion tees. Combos of different techniques add a richer visual. The combination of the boxy shape and Chinese characters shows the mixing of street and the oriental culture.


The Crew-Neck Boxy Tee with Chinese Characters


The Short-sleeved boxy hooded pullover tee is more popular among men. It is more lightweight and works well for S/S. Print, functional pockets add special appeal.


The Short-Sleeved Boxy Hooded Pullover Tee


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