China Speed frees fashion week from online catwalk

Author:Tom 2020-11-05

In the post-epidemic era, most countries in the world are still in a state of tension. While the Chinese market with "China Speed" has attracted much attention. Beside the launch of a new season series, fashion brands have left their energy and focus on the Chinese market.


BVLGARI announced that it plans to open 5 more stores in China next year; Dior’s first double eleven limited series will be available for pre-sale on the official online boutique and official website from October 15th; GIVENCHY is also opening a boutique on WeChat Mini Program .


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The international big brands have shown their confidence in the Chinese market with actions, and the fashion show opened after the closing of the four major international fashion weeks. The local design is also flourishing in a difficult environment. The internal circular economy has brought them new difficulties, but also accompanied by new opportunities.


It's no longer a fashion week where form is greater than content


In the four major international fashion weeks that ended earlier, not many brands can hold big offline shows as usual. Some big brands have even moved their big shows to China. For example, LV's menswear show and the LANVIN show held in Yuyuan Garden showed the importance of the Chinese market in the international fashion industry.


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Shanghai and Shenzhen Fashion Weeks, as the most influential fashion weeks in China, have matured over time, but the bold innovations each year can make the audience shine. In the post-epidemic era, rapid progress has been made in many segments. Strategic adjustments will increase the influence of Chinese design on the domestic and international fashion stage.


The biggest highlight and key word of Shanghai Fashion Week this season is "sustainability" and the theme is "sustainable Runway". During the period, special exhibition areas and summit forums such as GREEN FASHION SALON and "material space" were held to showcase and discuss it in all aspects. The environmental protection supply chain and emerging sustainable fabrics are behind it.


Inviting corporate institutions and creative people to explore the possibility of combining sustainable innovative materials with creative design, and arouse designers' cognition and imagination of new materials.


Chinese fashionChinese fashionChinese fashion


The digitalization of Shenzhen Fashion Week has become the most dazzling business card. New technologies such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet are all on this battlefield, presenting audio-visual multimedia content in all-round digital ways such as presentation methods, communication channels, and interactive functions. Fashion week brings multiple possibilities to the fashion industry and regional economy.


Fashion Week in China is not only a platform for showing Chinese fashion to the world, but also a place for local designers to realize their dreams and set sail their dreams. The "return" of Chinese designer brands from International fashion week to China fashion week is a prove to their continuous progress.


With more thinking,Chinese design also brings more thinking


The vigorous development of domestic fashion week also proves the rise and rapid development of Chinese design. Hundreds of brands participated in this year's Shanghai Fashion Week and Shenzhen Fashion Week. Under the background of this special era, what kind of answers did Chinese design give?


More and more oriental appealing with international perspective


Chinese designers have an inseparable connection with Oriental elements. The “Chinese style” that was once criticized for being hard and old-fashioned has long disappeared. After the designer’s observation and thinking, combined with the reasonable design made by the market, Integrating oriental elements into the design makes domestic consumers more confident and favored by "Chinese style" designs.


The opening chapter of Shenzhen Fashion Week is inspired by the core of the oriental spirit, presenting women's natural beauty, womenswear brand ZHUCHONGYUN is under the fashion brand label the Shenzhen Marsfield.


The series condenses four texture fragments from the polarities and multi-faceted nature of things-hard and soft, calm and romantic, independent and symbiosis, and psychedelic and real. With knots, weaving, embroidery and other elements interspersed in the deconstructed clothing, the atmosphere and details permeate the leisurely atmosphere of the East. The more implicit expression of oriental elements breaks the limitations of traditional styles, conforms a more internationalized modern aesthetics.


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As the finale brand of Shanghai Fashion Week, Cabbeen released a fashion conference called "The Life of Golden Ge-Cabbeen x Chinese Culture", starting a new wave with the spirit of daring to subvert.


Using technology, the show restored the scene of ancient Chinese battlefields, inspired by ancient Chinese military civilization, and realized the fusion of ancient and modern, and the collision of inspiration between Chinese culture and original forces.


fashion weekfashion week


"How does ethnic become contemporary" is a topic that MUKZIN has been thinking about and discussing for a long time. Returning from the international fashion week with the first show of the domestic fashion week. This season, the snow-covered plateau intangible heritage, handmade Guinan Tibetan embroidery is integrated into the design. Embroidered pieces of totem patterns such as flowers and fruits and Tibetan blessings are designed to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture and let the younger generation to experience the charm of national culture.


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A more three-dimensional Chinese design brand with soul


In the tone of business women’s wear, it incorporates the essence of the three major IPs, and provides contemporary workplace women with diverse and interesting workplace outfits from different levels and perspectives, reflecting the social responsibility of Chinese brands, and empowering contemporary women with the power of fashion .


The artistic crossover of designer brands may no longer be new, but how to integrate more organically with art is the key. Chinese designers are also doing better and better to make the brand more three-dimensional and soulful, instead of making vain designs.


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At the opening show of Shanghai Fashion Week, the business women's brand LILY showed a series of three themes of "Perception• Art• Attitude" combined with the three IPs of China National Geographic Wonders, Qi Baishi and Smiley.


Lily brandLily brand


The cutting-edge designer brand DAMOWANG continued the theme of martial arts this season, and modern calligraphy artist Lok Ng collaborated to combine the characteristics of the two eras to give modern people a cool and chivalrous look.


fashion brandfashion brand


The designer Angel Chen's 2021 spring and summer series of the same name brand Angel Chen collaborated with his friend artist Wang Jiajia to draw inspiration and energy from it to conduct a cross-time and cultural exchange.


In addition, the brand is cooperating with QQ dazzle dance to design clothing for virtual characters, integrating clothing design with technology for the first time. Not long ago, GUCCI announced that it would work with technology companies to create 3D virtual fashion. It can be seen that domestic brands have quickly kept up with the pace of the digital age.


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Chinese style sustainable fashion


Sustainable fashion is a hot topic in the world. During this fashion week, we can see that many Chinese brands join the group for fashion sustainable development. While using environmentally friendly fabrics or craftsmanship, they also learn to use sustainable thinking about the future of the industry.


ELLASSAY takes the journey of nature as the theme this season, exploring the relationship between fashion, time and the natural environment. The environmentally-friendly and biodegradable fabrics are presented in varying degrees of white, combined with the image of the future city created by 3D technology, opening the journey of nature.


fsahion brand


Young brands such as MING MA, MUKZIN, and OZLANA have also joined the group of environmentally friendly fabrics and released their latest series on the show this season:


This season, MING MA emphasizes environmental protection and sustainability. The TENCEL brand™ lyocell fiber used is derived from sustainable wood sources;


fashion brand


MUKZIN adopts newly developed new environmental protection fabric;



OZLANA uses 80% recycled fur to achieve OZLANA Parker's environmentally friendly and sustainable use;


fashion trendbrand OZLANAbrand OZLANA


Distin Kidny uses traditional plant printing and dyeing and other environmentally friendly processes, adding biodegradable and sustainable natural fabrics to the selection of raw materials, and internalizing the theme of "authenticity" with practical actions.


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Together with Fashion Week, these brands are carrying the mission of continuing sustainable fashion, leading the younger generation of consumers to environmental protection as the most fashionable way of life.


The Shanghai and Shenzhen stations of the 2021 spring and summer fashion week ended perfectly. People who devoted themselves to the fashion industry brought us many surprises and new ideas, and we also looked forward to the wonderful future of Chinese design.


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