Calm and Primordial Theme Color Trend for Men's and Women's Sportswear

Author:Tom 2020-02-07

Women's Sportswear


More than just losing weight and getting in shape, primordial exercisers devote more time to their health and reverence for nature, creating new forms of exercise and eating habits. They advocate the outdoors and the "earth gym", drawing inspirations from nature and also influencing the use of color. Collaboration collection of Adidas × Wood Wood inspires the theme, showing the amiable tones. A/W 20/21 emphasizes more the perception of the environment, and consumers pursue physical and mental strengthening. Natural colors should be combined with functionality to be fit for the market, and the colors need to be sustainable dyed.


women's sportwear


As the concept of "rich time" gradually replaces "busy time", the public tends to pursue a healthy lifestyle, so Pilates and yoga are highly regarded. Clear and healing blue tones can better meet people' demand for a slow-paced life. Tonal layered match is especially suitable for casual clothing. Sulphur spring can be used as a decoration color, adding functional elements.




A restorative bath after yoga can create a clear and peaceful vibe. Bluewash in the minimalist grey tones is used as the main color, fit for relaxing and comfortable well-fitting styles.

Here we recommend yoga clothing made of mainly jersey and eco-friendly viscose to pair with simple bluewash, bringing a slow-paced color effect. Single tones can be used to create a relaxing style and a peaceful color vibe, which helps promote awareness of meditation and mindfulness.
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