Boy Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Author:Tom 2020-12-08

Boy Fashion Bloggers


The rise of Instagram, Xiaohongshu and Douyin spawns a number of online fashion bloggers. Their dressing styles and lifestyles are imitated by many followers. In A/W 2020, many boy fashion bloggers interpret various styles via their everyday looks, including fashion outdoors, fun leisure, new preppy style and simple fast fashion.


Boy Fashion Bloggers


lee yoo easily presents popular outdoor elements such as quilting and berber fleece. lee yoo matches berber fleece items in a layered and chic way, whether the item is cool functional or fashion outdoor.


Fashion Outdoors -- lee yoo


Aron jeron is a master of facial expressions. He can perfectly integrate his facial expressions with styles such as a check shirt, a berber fleece vest and a sweatshirt with illustrations. In addition to his funky styling, his innocence and vitality are also precious.

Fun Leisure -- aron jeron


Compared with conventional preppy style, the classic check suit-style overcoat is understated and elegant. ku han guel reveals a funky and neat side of Burberry and Gucci and shows the versatility of classic striped socks.


New Preppy Style -- ku han guel


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