Beeswax Yellow Color Trend for 20/21 Autumn Winter Childrenswear

Author:Jasper 2019-07-24

green children's style


The yellow color as a popular color will continue to promote the development of children's wear, and the mature soft yellow is more in line with the current fashion trend. Beeswax is the key color of the 20/21 autumn and winter. It lacks the extreme sense of the past and pays more attention to its balance and coordination effect.


yellow coat


In the "Guardian style - 20/21 autumn and winter children's clothing theme trend theme report" is also highlighted, this bright and harmonious color is also one of the INS on the major tide children.


yellow down jacket

children style


Retro new feeling


vintage scarf


The 20/21 autumn and winter children's wear color continues the natural theme, and is also the new color choice of the current retro trend theme. The beeswax color between yellow and brown is applied on both the street style and the T-stage. The soft beeswax color can be used as the core color and the fashionable color, which brings warmth to the autumn and winter and enhances the sense of shape. 


Color Matching


Color matching


Beeswax is an indispensable coordination color for autumn and winter, which enhances the possibilities of color matching. With blue, green, terracotta and other colors, it has a unique wearing effect, showing a relaxed and lively feeling.


Beeswax and green color match


The geometric contrast of the sweater and the loose silhouette of the drop-shoulder jacket make it unique, and the cartoon-like applique is full of fun.


green and yellow color


Clothing Matching


color match


Sheep shearing is still an important clothing fabric for autumn and winter. Whether it is an embroidered patch short jacket or a stitched retro plaid coat, the wax color plays a key role in bringing warmth to autumn and winter.


yellow match

yellow match


It was paired with casual bibs and irregular ruffled dresses for a unique look.




Dynamic cool style

Affected by the style of the 1990s, the sports street tide returned to the basic style of children's wear. To this end, the soft beeswax will also appear more in the girls' styles of the autumn winter 20/21.


Dynamic cool styleDynamic cool style


Color Matching 



The inclusiveness of the beeswax makes it an excellent choice for creating an exaggerated combination of sporty styles. The individual stitching is an important element of the collection, and is combined with black, white, blue and red. Honey beeswax new vitality. It is recommended that the color be tried in jersey styles, and T-shirts, sweaters and casual wear are ideal.


children's style


Clothing Matching



Breaking the color and flexibility of the combination is the key to delivering a multi-inclusive signal.


children's stylechildren's style


The wooden ear trim, the tidal fake two trousers and the mesh stitching sweater broke the dullness of autumn and winter, and the contrast effect with red and black is more avant-garde.




yellow green style


Breathable text and irregular geometric prints bring new meaning to the 20/21 autumn and winter. In addition to the contrasting color, the color is also suitable for the delicate body color.


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