BAN XIAOXUE Womenswear Designer Brand

Author:Alice 2020-06-05

Womenswear Designer Brand

BAN XIAOXUE is a Chinese leisure-luxe brand founded by Ban Xiaoxue in 2012. Its S/S 2020 collection is inspired by PRESENT. It digs into the sincerity of human emotion, and interprets the meaning of gifts from different dimensions such as intimate relationship, time and strangers. Designs extract silhouette from different space and time, and blend them together. The collection also uses traditional crafts, fusing reality and virtuality.

Inspiration Event
BAN XIAOXUE is popular among stars with its unique design style. It wins not only female fans, but also male stars such as Huo Zun.
Fluffy virago sleeves make female arms slimmer, and tap into the vintage trend. This kind of sleeves is classical and elegant. Even soft lace can display its femininity.
Retro Virago Sleeves
Catering to the theme of PRESENT, bowknot is more representative. Knotted bowknot on back, dramatic bowknot on waist and bowknot on placements all reveal girls' romance. Surplus volume is gathered to create crinkled bowknot, worth reference in terms of silhouette and craft.
Ethereal Bowknot