A/W 24/25 Leather & Fur Color Trend Forecast

Author:Spring 2023-08-17

Leather & Fur Color


The pastel color palette has evolved to become an important choice for autumn and winter. Pastel tones have transformed into vibrant hues, incorporating brighter shades such as Aqua-esque, Coral Blush, Buttercream, and Aqua Foam. The texture of grainy velvet surface and soft fur adds a sense of comfort to tailored and structured styles.


Pastels fur trend


Using Aqua-esque on fur can enhance the overall style and allure. The bright tone of Aqua-esque can bring vitality and dynamism to fur, making it more vibrant. Whether it is mink fur, fox fur, or rabbit fur, the use of water blue can add a touch of modernity and fashion to fur.


Aqua-esque fur color


Coral Blush is a soft and warm shade of pink. When paired with fur, it can create an elegant and cozy effect. The tone of Coral Blush is subtle, using it as the main color for the entire fur piece. Such a combination can add a touch of softness and femininity to the fur.


Coral Blush color fur trend


Warm and elegant Buttercream has become the core practical color for 24/25 autumn and winter seasons due to its perfect visual appeal and strong color practicality. The visual appeal and color practicality of this color are perfectly suitable as a basic color for the autumn and winter seasons.


Buttercream color fur
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