A/W 24/25 Campaign Thematic Fabric Trend

Author:Spring 2023-09-19

fabric trend


Having experienced pandemics, wars, and industry transformations, people's spirits have long been burdened. The deformed "long gown" is like a shackle that binds them, making it difficult to breathe. The impact from the outside world has prompted contemporary young people to deeply contemplate the way humans coexist with nature. This inner pursuit has transformed the meaning of outdoor activities from simple relaxation and escapism to deeper reflections, exploring inner ideals and cultural tensions. At the same time, people's perspectives are extending towards the mountains and rivers of their homeland, pushing the urban population in the concrete jungle to embrace a broader world, detach from their current identities, and integrate into the mountains, fields, and countryside, being born to the wild.


fabric trend


Campaign combines the low-saturation pastel tones of classical romanticism with the youthful vigor. The rich and saturated bright colors echo with the mysterious dark color scheme, which is the major trend of color fashion this season. At the same time, the glossy materials and exquisite decorative elements reflect consumers' nostalgia for a glorious and classical era. The color palette revolves around deep red, gold, black, and other main axes, and then creates a timeless romantic dream with low-saturation rose colors, emitting a powerful rebellious world in elegance.


Color Inspiration & Application


Campaign depicts the freedom of travel, where people are ready to embark on their long-awaited adventures. The realization of the once-coveted distant places allows for a return to the outdoors, where one can freely roam in the mountains and rivers, embracing the vitality and energy provided by nature. It is a process of healing, rejuvenation, and rebuilding for the soul. The focus is on outdoor activities such as camping, cycling, hiking, and fishing. In women's clothing, functional fabrics are combined with fashion details, showcasing the outdoor style demanded in various occasions. Men's clothing, on the other hand, emphasizes the incorporation of emerging technology materials to create lightweight textures that blend with the natural outdoor environment, aiming to provide practical designs and functionality for outdoor activities.


Dimensional Analysis


One of the concepts of consumption under the wilderness theme is that contemporary young people start to ponder deeply about the way humans interact with nature. This inner pursuit has transformed the significance of outdoor activities from simple relaxation and escape to a more profound exploration of internal thoughts and cultural tensions. By utilizing technological fabrics to create functional outdoor clothing, the fusion of functionality and practicality brings consumers a brand-new outdoor wearing experience.


Outdoor Adventure


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