A/W 21/22 Theme Trend of Chinoiserie

Author:Alice 2020-06-29

Theme Trend


At present, Asian culture, especially Chinese culture, has become an important force attracting worldwide attention. This changeable society gives rise to new Asian youngsters with social responsibility and personal new values. On one hand, free and surreal, they advocate carpe diem and hope to cope the uncertain future through the unchanged past. On the other hand, they want to become inheritors of culture, and convey cultural value with a new look. The importance of Asian markets also drives brands to focus on this trend.


Theme Driver Analysis


The twin sisters, Reese Blutstein and Molly Blutstein, are fashion bloggers. They are regular visitors to four fashion weeks, and often invited by big brands like Gucci to catwalks or to shoot videos. Unique styles are matched surprisingly, and frequently reused in their looks. They favor dramatic cutting and design. They love bold colors and vintage. Their unique dressing philosophy gives a retro feeling to daily casual items.

Reese Blutstein & Molly Blutstein
Harry Styles was once a member of One Direction, a popular British band. After departure from the band, he has been the spokesperson of Gucci's custom-made menswear for three consecutive years, and even his concert looks were created by Alessandro Michele. These all benefit from his personal charm. He is a delicate young man, fine and unruly. His stage looks and daily looks all create a strong retro vibe. He defends equality and speaks out for LBGT. He embraces different cultures, thus draws inspiration from oriental and western cultures. He is the epitome of current youngsters who integrate their personal values and social responsibility into different cultures.
Harry Styles
Yuhan Wang was the only Chinese female independent designer successfully shortlisted in the prestigious LVMH Prize. Her design style is dreamlike and gentle, presenting the girly and poetic female charm. Her designs are full of beauty, romance, softness, fineness and sensibility, and explore the relationship between Asian femininity and western culture. The literary and romantic style is mixed with her Chinese cultural background for a unique modern vibe.
Yuhan Wang