A/W 20/21 Lively Green Color Evolvement Trend for Women's Coats

Author:Alice 2019-09-18

green color style


In A/W 19/20, military green starts to be seen on the catwalks in four fashion weeks. As a versatile tone, military green can be paired with a range of colors. It works well with leisure, street and ladies. At the same time, night glam green and lively green are often seen at big brands.


green color style


Night glam green can be matched with a range of colors in different ways. The large-scale application and adding of achromatic bring an elegant and deep feel. Bright colors can be used for decoration, adding vibrancy.


Night Glam Green/Color proportions


Low and deep night glam green is highly pure to create a new feel for A/W 20/21. The green tone indirectly shows the rising of AI technical colors.

Night Glam Green/Color Evolvement
Lively green feels positive and energetic. The large-scale application of lively green on coats and trench coats creates a technical and fashionable mood.
lively green color
The combinations of lively green and warm tones bring a different feel. It feels elevated to combine lively green and black, white and grey, and bright warm tones add a harmonious edge.
Lively Green/Color proportions
The head-to-tone looks in lively green tend to be conventional. Some changes are made. Embellishments are applied to show delicacy for business attire.
lively green clothing collocation
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