A Comprehensive Womenwear Analysis of 19/20 A/W Shanghai Exhibitions Trunk Shows

Author:Alice 2019-04-12

Shanghai Fashion Week

During Shanghai fashion week, Mode is also held in Shanghai. Mode joins hands with Showroom, Ontimeshow, DFO, Alter, Tube and Not Showroom to form a trade and commerce system which includes more than 1100 garments&accessories brands in over 30 countries. A comprehensive trunk show network is spread all over the city. Simple&sophisticated style and modern high street are key, followed by sports and lady's styles. The functional, practical and artistic features are interpreted through many styles.


fashion style

Simple&Sophisticated -- Girdles
Key Words: waistlines, separating girdle, one-piece girdles, different materials, accuracy.


simple fashion style

Simple&Sophisticated -- Delicate Edges
Key Words: trim, piping, zipper, pearl, delicacy, subtlety.


Delicate Edges Fashion Style

Simple&Sophisticated -- Leisure&Neat Blazers
Key Words: crisp, deconstruction, leisure, tiered pieces, collarless suits.


Leisure&Neat Blazers

Simple&Sophisticated -- Minimal Piece Pants
Key Words: piece pants, minimal designs, placement.


Minimal Piece Pants

Modern High Street -- A variety of Arts
Key Words: painting, line drawing, delicate drawing, paint-splattered, drawing styles.


fashion art style

Modern High Street -- Shirts
Key Words: decorative splicing, placement splicing, simple silhouettes and complex designs.



Modern High Street -- Plaids
Key Words: plaids, rough fringing-like spliced checks, checked trench coats, tiered piecing, sheers and checks.



Sportif Style -- Sports Sweatshirts
Key Words: contrast colors, reflective materials, waterproof materials, outdoor references, technical sheen.


Sports Sweatshirts

Lady's Style -- Lightweight
Key Words: lightweight, florals, lace, transparency, subtlety.



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