7 Fashion Brand Bags of Stars in the Fall of 2021

Author:Tom 2021-07-13

It is said that all regions have just gotten used to the scorching heat and are still learning how to wear the coolest clothes, but the fashion industry is already one step closer to autumn clothes. Watching boutiques launch autumn clothes and aggressively sell early autumn bags, the latest trends are also exposed. After the outbreak of a century epidemic that affected hundreds of millions of people around the world, the fashion trend of bags has also moved towards the two major indicators of classic and practical. The autumn of 2021 bags will focus on classic renovations, retro square bags, practical cross-back models, and underarms. Bags and other design themes, the 7 major brands include BALENCIAGA, BOTTEGA VENETA (BV), DIOR, GUCCI, LOEWE, MIU MIU and SAINT LAURENT. Which bags will be launched this fall that are worth buying?


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Speaking of the star bags of this early autumn, you may have heard of the DIOR Mizza leopard print Lady D-Lite bag. It is a tribute to Mr. Dior’s muse Mizza Bricard, and there is also GUCCI Diana’s new bamboo bag. Taken from the bamboo tote bag often worn by Princess Diana in the 1990s.


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Now let’s take a look at the 7 bags you can’t miss this fall.


Balenciaga Neo Classic City Mini


Balenciaga's locomotive bag once led the frenzy 20 years ago, sweeping the circles of celebrities, celebrities, and supermodels, and has a place in contemporary popular history. Today, the new Neo Classic motorcycle bag was unveiled at the 2020 Winter Fashion Show and is regarded as a new chapter in the BALENCIAGA design dictionary. It has been re-adjusted in proportions, and the edge of the bag has a more architectural profile. The inner lining is glued to nappa lambskin. The galvanized metal auxiliary material is more in line with the modern aesthetic point of view, and at the same time demonstrates the avant-garde sense of Balenciaga mastered by art director Demna Gvasalia. The Neo Classic City Mini bag in the series family, although it appeals to be mini, it can still store small things such as mobile phones. Therefore, it is the best and most popular. New colors will be launched this early autumn. The two colors of gray blue and pink are both refreshing. Take the money.


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BV Mount chain strap bag extension triangle element


BV's bags have never fallen out of fashion in the past few seasons. The simplicity and charm make women irresistible. The brand's creative director Daniel Lee turned the seemingly ordinary inverted triangle shape into one of the identification signs, such as The Triangle series of bags. Both the body tailoring and the shoulder straps of the Padded Cassette series have inverted triangle elements, and the inverted triangle flap of the new bag model Mount in the early autumn of 2021 is another extended interpretation. The Mount bag features avant-garde style and practicality. The triangular flap and thick rivet chain are the focus of this bag design. It can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body, and is suitable for 24-hour day and night styling. The fabric part includes soft Raffaello matte calfskin, grained Saint Germain calfskin, and luxurious cashmere suede. The bag is available in 2 sizes to meet different preferences and needs.


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DIOR leopard bag elegant and wild


It is well known that DIOR has a close connection with roses. In fact, the leopard print is also. In the 1950s and 1960s DIOR archives, you can see many exquisite leopard print fashion lines. This fall, womenswear creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri was inspired by Mr. Dior’s leopard print trench coat in the 1950s and launched the wild "Mizza" leopard print series. The addition of the Lady D-Lite bag can be said to complete the whole series. With its wild elegance and modernity, it is both classic and relaxed, and it is easy to mix and match all kinds of clothing. The release of the Mizza leopard print series is a tribute to Mr. Dior’s inspirational muse Mizza Bricard. She is a well-known leopard control and exudes a mysterious appeal like a cat.


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GUCCI Diana bamboo bag


This year is the 60th anniversary of the birth of Princess Di. Naturally, fashion brands will not let go of the day with Princess Diana. GUCCI's new slub bag Diana is coming aggressively. The modern silhouette and proportions of this square tote bag refer to the brand in 1991. The file design was famous at that time because of the fact that Princess Di often appeared in her arms. It was relaunched in 2021 and named "Diana", which is a great tribute. The biggest difference between the new version of Diana 2021 and the old version in 1991 is the fluorescent leather strap on the bamboo handle, which can be used to maintain the shape of the bamboo handle. It is also a new era imprint specially given by GUCCI creative director Alessandro Michele; The bamboo joint mentions this logo element back to 1947. At that time, due to the lack of raw materials such as leather and metal shortly after the end of World War II, Guccio Gucci, the founder of GUCCI, had an idea to heat and bend the bamboo to become chic and elegant. And the durable handbag handle, the handed down bamboo bag was born. Diana's craftsmanship is not sloppy. The craftsmen strictly adhere to the complicated copying process and procedures, and use manual shaping and firing of each section of bamboo, presenting a unique charming luster and elegant curve. The whole series includes 3 sizes of medium, small and mini, all with the same tone leather shoulder strap. The princess actress Al Fanny slanted back to the street with GUCCI Diana, youthful and pretty.


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Each GUCCI Diana bag comes with a fluorescent leather strap, which can be used to maintain the shape of the bamboo handle, and it has also become a lively detail to embellish the bag.


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LOEWE Goya square bag


LOEWE's new Goya handbags will be unveiled in the fall/winter 2021 women's wear. The combination of distinctive personality and bright colors is like a natural match, which is eye-catching. The Goya bag body is made of calfskin material with soft sheepskin lining. The overall appearance is silky and smooth, reflecting the long tradition of LOEWE leather craftsmanship. Its warm touch and simple lines create a wonderful sparkle. The Goya bag has a rich selection of colors, from soft sand yellow, brown and avocado green, to bright yellow, blue-green and deep red like candy, and even the most classic black and white. The gold Anagram logo magnet buckle in the center of the bag is the main identification point, as if beautiful jewelry is placed on the leather, which is elegant but full of personality. Hong Kong star Sammi Cheng wears LOEWE spring and summer trousers with Goya bright blue bag.


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The LOEWE Goya square shoulder bag is regarded by the brand as the latest masterpiece of simple style.


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MIU MIU quilted underarm bag


MIU MIU girl comes with cute and weird aura that doesn't match the time and space, but it's still so likable. The Miu Spirit bag comes from the Miu Maritime Midsummer series. It features an arrow-shaped quilted pattern and an extremely lightweight and small size. The bag body is mainly made of fabric and leather hand-held shoulder straps. In addition, a retro-style polka-dot version is also available. . It has a relaxed appearance and a bit of playfulness, and looks like a standard MIU MIU fashionable girl.


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SAINT LAURENT LE 5 7 milk tea color must enter


This strangely-named LE 5 7 underarm bag is SAINT LAURENT’s current hot-selling king, rising strongly, and the milk tea hue is a popular choice for autumn. The package name is quite connotative. The French "LE 5 7" (CINQ SEPT) refers to the social activities that take place after get off work and before dinner. It may be a gathering between colleagues and friends or a pre-dinner wine time, similar to the English "LE 5 7" (CINQ SEPT). Happy Hour". However, there is another meaning in French, which is a metaphor for "time to meet a mistress or lover." The bag body draws on the curve profile of the 1970s. The ribbon in the middle of the LE 57 is embellished with a simple and eye-catching gold YSL emblem. You only need to slide the L letter of the brand logo to easily open and close the bag. The size of the bag is meticulous and compact. Whether it is shoulder or hand, it allows modern women to freely switch roles between work and life, exuding the charm of women's elegance and confidence.


SAINT LAURENT brand ambassador, BLACKPINK member Rose, shoulder LE 5 7 underarm bag


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SAINT LAURENT milk tea tone LE 5 7 is a popular style in the autumn


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