5 Key Colors In 2019SS Shanghai Fashion Week

Author:Tom 2018-11-02



The Shanghai Fashion Week showed the talented design of Chinese brands. Renowned and emerging labels were well-presented, enticing fashion bloggers, socialites, artists and stars.

Swan white, neon green, taro purple, warning purple and data blue are key colors of this season. According to POP's statistics, they go up obviously compared with those of S/S 2018.



Swan White

Swan white is a core color of S/S 2019. The brightness is lowered to emphasize a soft touch on fabrics, rather versatile.



Catwalk Look


Neon Green

Fresh and vibrant, neon green is applied to technical and smart casual materials, reflective in the dark to create a visual impact.


Catwalk Look


Taro Purple


Catwalk Look


Warning Purple


Catwalk Look


Data Blue


Catwalk Look