4 Trend Shoes for Fashion Blogger Street Style in Fashion Week

Author:Tom 2019-10-17

At the just-concluded fashion week, in addition to the cowboy boots that we often have to match, the fashionable girls are wearing the following 4 pairs of shoes to return to the classics, it is not only this seasonal fashion will not be out of date, it will till in next fall season, you can hurry up to get it!


Platform shoes


Boyfriend-style Oxford shoes and Brock are not outdated, but you have to change the cost of the season's popular thick-bottom models, it is not only match with suits, coats, but also for the petite girl is a weapon to taller!


Platform shoesPlatform shoes


How popular is the platform shoes in this year? From the former director Taylor Tomasi Hill to the supermodel Sora Choi, this season has fallen in love with thick-soled shoes.




You need a pair of this style style, the most important thing is that the thick sole design is particularly thin, and the style is also versatile: girls who like neutral wind can take a suit and windbreaker. You can also make a style adjustment in sexy LOOK.


Chunky Boots


Chinese stars Ouyang Nana, Yang Mi love this boots who are so fashionable, we looking at the four major fashion weeks that the same thick-bottomed design and looks a bit "stupid" boots are more popular in autumn and winter, we recommended that match with feminine or a sweetly designed dress.



The advantage of thick-soled boots is that the “bulky” design is easy to show thin legs, but for boots, the height must be chosen in the relatively thin position of the legs to be smart.



Open-toe Muller Shoes


This trick is for the Korean netizens and girls who like to mix and play in the fall! Although Muller shoes have been popular for several seasons, this season's open-toe design adds a lazy temperament, and looks good with the popular blazer and big pants.



This season's hottest is the BV family's weaving Muller drag shoes a casual and comfortable look and BV leather consistent good texture how to wear good looks, predicting that bloggers in the winter can not afford to put on the thick socks continue to wear !



Long Boots


The boots length above the calves are popular again in this season, and the low-key luxury and good texture design gradually replaces the spring cowboy boots. In winter, there is a classic look that matches the coat or the long skirt.


long boots for blogger


The winter long boots are warm and physique, and the girls simply can't refuse. For a little girl, the collocation boots + shorts or match with a high waist dress, it is also very good.


long boots for girls

long boots for girls


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