2020 Spring Summer Fashion Shows Clothing Collocation of Brand Burberry

Author:Emily 2019-09-25

In the last year, designer Riccardo Tisci took the job and gave Burberry a facelift.


First, he turns Burberry's classic plaid into the TB Monogram whici is the abbreviation of the founder Thomas Burberry. Everyone was disgusted at first, and later they were really popular.


Burberry's style


A few days ago, Burberry held a big fashion show in London in the spring and summer series. This is the second spring and summer ready-to-wear collection after he took office. We discovered that he took the evolved Burberry back to his hometown in Victoria and explored this young, elegant, romantic super power roots.




A few days before the big fashion show, Burberry had post an invitation of big fashion show on Ins. A piece of lace embroidered white gauze was sealed in plastic sheets. It has been preserved since the Victorian era feelings, retro and romantic.


Burberry invitation

Burberry invitation


The fashion show laid the ceremonial sense of the whole show, with a huge mirror screen in the middle. As the classical piano music slowly rose, it showed a row of round and large Victorian classical sounds. Surprisingly, As the model took the first step, the genre suddenly became a popular electronic sound in southern London.


fashion show


It perfectly interpreted as the theme of the show "Evolution", the whole show is like a mythical story of the Burberry universe. Thomas Burberry founded Burberry in the Victorian era. Riccardo Tisci puts together the street trends that his good at with classical beauty. He turns Burberry into the most fashionable look.


burberry style

This Burberry 2020 spring and summer fashion show once gathered Kendall, Bella, Gigi three sisters, can be described as a collection of stars.


burberry 2020


Perhaps the biggest surprise of the show was that the supermodel Agyness Deyn, who had been in the smash hit for a long time in 2008, returned to the runway, wearing an embroidered trench coat, a men's collar shirt and pink trousers, and the iconic pale blond hair is still in the field. Take a step to the super gas field.


Agyness Deyn


This time we will share the collocation of this big show!

Classic trench coat

Windbreaker is always the highlight of Burberry. This season, in addition to the classic silhouette, the windbreaker adds elements such as printing, embroidery and stitching, and introduces a new windbreaker with silk cut pieces, three-dimensional sleeves and a crystal hole ring.

Long trench coat + shirt + trousers

classic trench coat


Keywords: elegance, temperament, skill

The former is wearing an elegant straight trench coat with a lot of gorgeous diamonds, classic striped shirts and pink trousers.

The latter wore a long windbreaker and hid the plaid elements in the windbreaker, carrying the most sucking IT Bag of the season with a letter shirt inside.



The most representative of the Riccardo Tisci style is this one. The wavy windbreaker is lined with dense metal rings. The cold gray windbreaker is paired with a long-length shirt of the same color. The Gothic is elegant and full of English punk spirit.

Windbreaker + scarf

Windbreaker + scarf


Keywords: stitching, capable, gorgeous

Riccardo Tisci began to like to use silk in windbreakers in last year, trying to make the traditional windbreaker more diversified. This time it has also been upgraded into silk scarf stitching, which is both soft and flexible, capable and gorgeous.

Windbreaker + dress

trench coat+dresses


Keywords: silhouette, deconstruction, black and white


The left windbreaker silhouette becomes more relaxed, and the windbreaker adds black and white line color blocks, with a zebra-patterned hooded long T-shirt and a hip skirt for a sporty and casual style.

The right structure windbreaker, short and long front, retaining the windy back hem, the front is shorter, with the same short black and white striped skirt, personality and chic.

Professional suit

Brberry also offers more choices for working women, and has launched a number of different commuter suits that can be worn together. Unlike today's popular Oversize models, Burberry's blazer is tailor-made, whether it's paired with trousers, shorts or short skirts.

Commuter pants suit



The neat tailoring is very suitable for a whole set of women in the workplace to wear out the door, handsome and capable, incorporating elements such as streamers, rhinestones, etc., without losing the romantic atmosphere.

Commuter half skirt suit

straight suit


With a straight skirt, the overall is more dignified temperament. Romantic ribbon elements, splicing tassel design, OL while still, walking is a romantic dancer.

Rear swing suit

Rear swing suit


The neat suits are designed to be elegant and prestige, with a windy style, lt like followed by a thousand horses.

Zipper waist set

The cool women are also like the Victorian era, eager for slim waists. Riccardo has redesigned Victoria's waist in this design, exquisite and not oppressive. Look closely, the button of the suit is replaced by a zipper, very special, the metal texture of the zipper, looks more modern than the button.


Zipper waist set


His cleverness is that he only needs to splicing the fabric with different lines on the waist, and there is an ant waist without a crazy waist.

Stacked art collocation

Stacked art collocation


Lace embroidery is another Victorian clothing feature, and Riccardo uses many of it in the 2020 Spring/Summer collection. Lace's neckline, cuffs and skirt add a fairy temperament to Burberry.


lace style


Riccardo is amazing because of the stacking, he does not give up his best street elements, and balances the classical beauty with the street tide.

He made a letter print on lace, and the founder Thomas Burberry's favorite unicorn became a sentence [I AM A UNICORN] sewn on the clothes.


men's lace style


Even broke the men's and women's clothing boundary, and Lace went to the T-shirt sweater of the boys' street style! But it is undeniable that this method of stacking is also worth learning. Are you getting it?


Burberry fashion showRiccardo Tisci, the evolutionary manifesto of the Burberry Kingdom, has handed in his answer and looks forward to a new chapter in the next season.


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