2020 spring and summer popular mint green color scheme presents a fresh beauty

Author:Tom 2020-04-22

In addition to the deep and elegant dark green, other greens can also be fashion darlings. Mint green is full of the color of cardamom years, the old-fashioned retro of grass green etc. that can also be easily applied in various social occasions. The fresh mint green is full of life, and the retro grass green is widely used in home decoration, jewelry and clothing design.


green color style


The combination of mint green and white is the simplest color combination. It is harmonious and fresh that can change the style with the clothing version. It can be bright and pleasant at any time. Matching white overalls is a sweet and cool neutral girl. Not only can girls match this way, boys can wear it without any sense of violation, and the loose body design is very powerful.


green color styleThe gray-green suit jacket of the same color suits fits the dignified and concise temperament in the office, but it also echoes the shirt in the mint color. White is a brighter color and matches the upper body green. It is not the  dull impression yet but is very simple and elegant. The blazer is designed to be very slim. For some slippery shoulder girls,if you want to improve their temperament and make them look mature, the blazer is the most suitable. The straight-fitting white trousers blur the dimension of the thighs and calves, and the slimming effect is almost perfect.


green shirt

The matching of the same color makes the overall look warm and pleasant. The suit version and silk fabric will not look immature, but it is full of high-level sense. The overlapping effect of mint color and blue-green color is more exquisite, so that the people wearing this clothes are capable and free and easy, and the strong business style is very in line with urban beauty.


green dress

A green shirt with a cyan lattice tie, with a cyan lattice skirt to reveal the childish thighs, the lattice tie echoes the lattice element of the skirt. The large dark green earrings are said to be small and delicate. The overall makeup matches the simple accessories, and it is simple and harmonious with the school uniform. There are not too many decorative designs, which is in line with the purity of the green years of the student period. Sweet school uniforms and accessories bring out the extremes of rebellion and youthfulness during the student years.


green style

Fresh is like mint green, it can be soft or individual, a dress or a green suit jacket mix and match also has a unique flavor! At the same time, it makes people feel bright without any sense of conflict, bright and comfortable. For the floral dress, the high waist design can visually modify the overall proportion of the figure, and the over-knee design shows that the legs become more slender. The same color green small square bag makes the overall match a lot of color, and it is more feminine, and then wear the same color grass green suit jacket to make it more textured.


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