2020 Double 11 Consumer Big Data Fashion Trends Analysis in China

Author:Tom 2020-11-27

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Trend Interpretation

Influenced by this pandemic, consumers' habits change greatly, and live streaming is increasingly growing. In the activity of 2020 Double 11, consumers are unprecedentedly passionate about shopping. New formals and modes keep emerging, which contributes to the rise of new products and renews shopping experience. POP joins hands with Lingxi Industry AI Platform to make a comprehensive analysis of data of Taobao 2020 Double 11 from three perspectives of reason of popular styles, trends and key strategies. And a specific case is given each.


Trendy items


1. Reason of Popular Styles

Popular styles means high sales quantity, high popularity and high profits. Whether the style is in line with key factors to popular styles is the necessary condition for the product to achieve high sales volume. We should not only create popular styles, but also pursue the ability to continuously create popular styles. More importantly, we need to utilize a certain item to drive the rise of the whole brand. Here we analyze key factors to popular styles and interpret the case, through two major dimensions of product and operation as well as nine factors.


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Product -- "Exposure"

In the Internet era, media channels are infinitely differentiated, and consumption segments are diversified. Therefore, it is more necessary to develop a compffashilete promotion plan to expose product more frequently. It is one of the most popular channels to expose products by utilizing the help of popular camgirls, stars and fan economy. Conventional methods, such as raising weight rankings and using popular keywords to increase exposure, still need timely optimization.


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CHINSTUDIO is founded by online celebrities Cherie and Madam Qian in 2011. Cherie attracts 12.85 million followers on Taobao, 7.88 million on Weibo, 970,000 on Douyin, and 910,000 on Xiaohongshu. In addition to powerful multi-media fans, the store also invites stars to promote products. During 2020 Double 11, gross merchandise volume of a hot parka reaches 100 million yuan.


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Product -- Power of a Product

Product power refers to the appeal of a product to target consumers. Here, we focus on interpreting product power through the product end, and extract 12 key factors to improve product power according to the characteristics of clothing, so as to arouse consumers' purchase desire. Popular styles are determined by multiple dimensions, but it is the fundamental to improve product power to grasp the trend and insight into consumer demands. Based on big data analysis, we find the commonality of popular styles includes super quality and competitive price, simple yet chic styles, various colors and sizes, as well as enough stocks, while other factors offer continuous driving forces to popular styles.


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Case -- Tonlion

Tonlion enters the top 10 womenswear brands of sales quantity with 92300 pieces and 4.97 million yuan. Style in the picture below aims at the large younger market. It is simple yet chic, versatile, cost-effective and high-quality. Just like Tonlion, many merchants also gather similar styles with different details together, because more colors and detail choices will easily contribute to popular styles.


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