2019 Spring Summer Popular Green Fashion Colors

Author:Alice 2019-03-18

In the color world, Pantone recently released 2019 spring and summer fashion colors. There are 12 colors, all of which are warm colors with high saturation. It is true that spring is to wear the most vivid colors on the body.


pantone color

Among them, green success attracted the attention of people. Although green occupies two seats in the spring and summer fashion colors, the fear of forgiveness has not been eliminated. Many people should have the same questions: Is it really nice to wear green?


green color


We helped you to dig deep into the green dress, which is like a real incense scene. It looks like an inconspicuous color of forgiveness, and it's so beautiful to wear on your body!


green dresses


Invincible pepper stem


Among the spring and summer pop colors released by Pantone, the first one that caught the eye was the very small and fresh Pepper Stem Green.


Pepper Stem


According to Pantone, the reason why green color can become a popular color is that it is full of vitality, lively but not too awkward. Therefore, the home decoration is often decorated with pepper stem green, which can make the home more vibrant.


green house


The pepper stem green, as a small fresh representative in the green, is more like "the pursuit and exploration of individual vitality and enthusiasm." Its vivid saturation also brightens the skin's complexion, which is simply a white weapon.


green leaves


Therefore, putting the pepper stem green on the body is like bringing the vitality of spring to the body, which can whiten the skin and enhance its vitality and self-confidence.


pepper stem green color


Ins Terrium Moss Green

Another recommended by Pantone is the Terrium Moss filled with ins wind. The texture of high saturation makes people think of the green moss growing in the glass bottle.


Terrium Moss Green


This green color is warmer in color and thus visually more gentle and elegant.


Terrarium Moss Styles


In fashion week, moss green and pepper stem green seems to have become the favorite of all stars.


Kanye participated in the 2019 Paris Fashion Week with a dark green leopard coat and a mossy green tube top, which is both sexy and powerful.


Kanye's Green Styles


Beaver, who opened a happy life after marriage, chose Balenciaga's glossy leather jacket to participate in Paris Fashion Week. The extra-brightness of the brightness is enhanced, and the beaver quickly stands out among the many fashionable people.


Balenciaga's Green Styles


Fashion blogger Monica Ainley also has a mossy green coat with a white dress to participate in the 2019 Paris Fashion Week, clean and neat.


Monica Ainley's green styles


Seeing that they are so beautiful to wear, are you also heart-warming? Here we offer a few green dress guides to help fairies become more fashionable.


Deeper and more versatile


If you want to challenge the mix of forgiveness, we recommend choosing a green piece with different saturation levels to create a layered look.


green styles


Like this Marc Jacobs 2019 spring and summer new style, the designer chose to use a green bean coat with dark green polka-dot wide-leg pants. The combination of dark and light green enhances the fashion of wearing, and the color matching is more diversified.


Let the green go a little further from the face


Some of the moss is dark green and not very friendly to the yellow-skinned fairy. Therefore, it is best to make this color a little farther away from your face. For example, using a large V-neck to reveal the neck can cushion the dull skin caused by dark green.


sexy green dress


Low saturation green increases girlishness


When choosing a single product of pepper stem green and moss green, it is best to choose a lower saturation, so that it not only looks fresh and comfortable, but also creates a youthful and youthful sense of the girl, so that the fairies return to the age of eighteen in an instant!


top green styles


Put green on the bottom


For Asians, it's best to wear green on the bottom so that you can get the green eye-catching features and not easily black. Even the very dark green gives a very bright feeling, but also the feeling of retro style.


Jenny Walton's Gucci Bottom Skirt


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