2019 Early Autumn High Couture Fashion Colors

Author:Emily 2019-08-21

At the beginning of the month, Paris Fashion Week came to a close, and the high couture T-stage color became the most worthwhile wear for this show. The high couture exquisite color does not seem to be exaggerated that full of small and fresh style, 2019 elegant pastel color, do you know that there are several?


Why is the light and soft color system always a classic?


Most of the fashion dresses of the European and American aristocrats in the old century are elegant colors, it is not only highlight the temperament and nobleness of people, but also have the effect of reducing age. In the high-level circles, the elegant color is a symbol of wealth. We think that the light color is bright and not light, gentle and not sweet. Because of the low saturation of the color, it is easy to play a bright and vivid skin tone.


green color dresses


As the high-end of the fashion world, Paris has always been ahead of us, so which of the most popular light colors in the early fall of this year, which one do you like the most?


Avocado Green


Green is the main color of this year, especially the avocado color is almost a fire in the summer, and it can be turned into a more elegant and advanced combination in the early autumn.


Avocado green sytle


Song Zuer's early autumn style has a little melancholy, and reveals a kind of quiet power. The long shirt of sage green is matched with the light pink wide-leg pants. The loose style looks like a whole tension, which highlights the fashion sense.


Avocado green style


In the early autumn season, the weather is very refreshing. At this time, it is suitable for a fresh light green windbreaker. The slightly loose style can also be bundled with a belt. It also looks very layered and can highlight the slim waist curve; if it is weather warm, the ratio of the sleeves to five points is also very cool.


Avocado green


Workwear pants are very popular in this summer, the green color of the grass is also really good, you can boldly match the suit, but the younger sisters should pay attention to the matching of the hue tone! It is best to choose a fresher and brighter style. The most suitable dress for the early fall is probably a coat! Inside with a short top, cool fashion girl stands!


Powder Pink


Pink is the dream of every girls, and it is also the princess dream in every girl's heart. The pink and tender is the most suitable for young and beautiful girls. The elegant and quiet powder pink is also the "eternal color" that was positioned this time by the Paris Fashion Week.


Powder Pink


No matter what age, the pink color will make you fascinated! Even the young lady who doesn't like the pink dress that will be surprised by this color, because her beauty is sweet but not greasy, and the powder pink is not tender, which is the charm that it is set to be high-fixed!


power pink shirt


Every spring and autumn, the most suitable style is also a thin cardigan. It is soft and not collapsed. It can be quickly added to the fashion sense. Choose the powder pink style with apricot cake skirt that match a pair of Martin boots, even It’s a small girl who can wear a gas field! This color is also very friendly to the young lady who is yellowish in skin, not only can set off the skin color, but also bring the effect of brightening.


Light blue


Regardless of how fashion is changed, blue has always been the representative color of the fashion world, and among them, light blue is the most best, this kind of beautiful color has extraordinary charm. In the usual wear, the blue is quite versatile, and its selectivity is still very strong!


light blue dress


Light blue wear with satin or chiffon embellishment, it is gentle temperament also slightly with a little mystery, giving a sense of distance that can be seen from a distance, not very easy to play, very suitable for the high cold temperament women.


light blue tight dress


The slim ruffles dress is also worn in the early autumn. The weather is not very cool at this time, but the comfortable warm sun is mixed with the cool autumn wind. The climate in the south is still warm, then you are also at this time. You can choose a short dress, and the light blue color is also in line with the early autumn.


light blue off shoulder dress


The style of the off shoulder collar has always been the love of many young ladies. The best wear for the skinny girls is still in use in the early autumn. The daily fashion street shooting and the early autumn travel dressing are naturally indispensable!


Pearl White


White is a symbol of purity and beauty. The design of wedding dresses has always been white, which is a kind of expectation and good wishes for the future. Many people are puzzled that white is very dark, but it is not. Choosing the right white can also make a sense of temperament!


white suit for women


The color that is suitable for Asian black and yellow skin belongs to pearl white. It is not bright white, with a slight creamy yellow color and some beautiful luster. Wearing this color can evenly match the skin color. It is also the most conspicuous in the early autumn, which makes people feel comfortable. The shape is also very versatile. No matter which one is used to embellish it, it is a different visual sense!


pearl white style


The short lantern sleeve top with light green high-waist wide-leg pants is also very hygienic. Under the refracting of the sun, the overall shape can bring the effect of blingbling, which can highlight the girl's good looks. A young lady who is worried that the white will become fat can also choose a sophisticated V-neck style or a shirt collar, such as the following shape, full of temptation.


pearl white shirt


Pearl white shirt with short light blue jeans, so that the white color wear coupled with the bright color high heels, is very suitable for the sexy mature wind route of the young lady, the beautiful shape will not the same that get rid of the bad streets! An intellectually savvy girl's wardrobe must have such a single item. Do you have a choice?


In the early autumn of 2019, the high couture fashion colors are here, and the moment of release is definitely worth having! Which one would you pick?


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