19/20 June Pattern( Knitwear Design & Development)

Author:Jasper 2018-12-04

The theme of 19/20 June is re-designing on traditional elements. In addition to ordinary leopard print and other animal prints, doodled animals could be combined with continuous patterns and then applied in a large-scale textural design. And classic animal patterns could also be changed by different colors. The animal continuous patterns would be a key trend. With simple colors, those patterns are funky and impressive.

The Comeback of Animal Print

In this month's theme of knitwear, we have two parts about " Animal Print." one is re-arrangement or paneling based on traditional leopard print; the other is mixed layered patterns.


Futuristic designs are striking visually. Putting traditional animal patterns into panels is novel.



Animal prints created by different materials, elements and colors bring a mix-and-match feel. At the same time, silhouettes and structures are not presented in fixed ways.



Stripes and paneling properly mix animal prints with sporty style, livening up the current fashionable sports style.



Large-scale striped animal patterns or zebra pattern on garments are divided, and then other animal prints can fill the inside to form new patterns.



Exploration of Nature


In the nature collection, the key point is exploring the connection of nature and ancient culture. Ancient totems and primitive forest patterns are utilized a lot to create a mysterious and original feeling.


The nature collection is applied widely. Nature patterns could well express the summer or early autumn moods.



Also, nature patterns could be applied to feminine styles. The charm of animals and materials are mixed to design.



Present animal patterns in a continuous or piling way, and bold colors and distinctive materials could be added.



Besides continuous pattern design, one single large drawing is also a good option. The blending of birds and other elements are very outstanding.



ACG World


Classic comic elements, which have a street style, are crucial in this season. Funny patterns are added to create items. The combination of distinctive patterns and colors is statement-making.


Proper stitch length and jacquard technique make delicate patterns. Lively colorways and loose sporty silhouettes are modern and stylish.



Complicated jacquard patterns, along with cool sequins, leather, create charming cartoon space.



Lines are used to present hand-drawn cartoon pictures. Bright colors could liven up cartoon patterns.



Prints, sequins, rhinestones, appliques, etc. can all be applied to create a three-dimensional effect, which would make items interesting and lively.



Vacation Handbook


Tropical plants, boats and outdoors sports are applied as key design elements. Printing and knitting are good options to present them all. Contrasting colors and detailed patterns could express the youthful vacation mood.


Soft fabrics and knits, different stitches and yarns make knitwear full of possibilities, as well as feminine and cool.



Tie dyeing is used on knitwear to express a girly feeling. The change of color on yarns, along with slim silhouettes, exudes a saucy and leisure mood.


Ombre is applied on basic styles. Color blocks show a casual attitude.



The large-scale use of natural landscapes are eye-catching, which is fit for make youthful items.