The TOP List of Women's Fur and Leather

Author:Alice 2020-06-09

Womenswear trend

According to data analysis of top 100 downloaded women's leather and fur clothing from May to June, simple and sophisticated style holds a large proportion but declines, while athleisure style and Russian style grow. Jackets remain the main item, followed by trench coats and overcoats. Puffa jackets occupy a small proportion. Leather clothing dominates, and all-fur increases. Splicing still gains much attention.

Data Analysis
TOP 10

The TOP 10 list of women's fur and leather clothing is ranked based on downloading times. According to the TOP 10 list (From left to right are 1-5, 6-10.), sports jackets, fur and spliced fleece are main styles. Color-blocking and spliced materials add details and give a richer visual impact to practical items.
top womenswear
Linear edges are diversified. Binding, edging and frayed edges are applied to pockets, cuffs, plackets and structure lines. Colors are tone-on-tone or contrasting with others, quite decorative.
womenswear Edges
Mixed materials such as spliced leather show more possibilities. Designers mix lining and surface, with spliced leather or fur to create a layered or contrast vision, adding a design sense and a strong appeal.
Spliced Fleece