The Thematic Pattern Trend of Long Confession for A/W 21/22

Author:Alice 2020-07-29

pattern trend

Social changes transform consumers' habits, and necessity economy brings simple durable products to the spotlight. Influenced by the COVID-19, "less is more" life concept has been a must. Modular all-year design will appeal to comfort-driven consumers. Home will be the haven for existentialists to soothe themselves. Modern lines and geometric patterns balance the need for safety via their simple and pure beauty. Tones covering designs and arts tell the peaceful long confession.


pattern trend

Rational color blocks display the emotional pragmatism. Deconstructed and reorganized color blocks and lines integrate into refined tones and cutting, thus breaking the gender boundary.


Interpretation of Dreams

Slim and flowing lines sketch abstract figures, implying emotions through clothing designs. The minimalist series contains sensibility and sentiments. Refined color blocks are combined. The contrast of line and plane creates lavish patterns. The style with big color blocks complement gentle lines.


Hidden Love

The flowing net blends with simple neat sculptures. Blank space and color blocks leave us infinite possibilities.


Hidden Love pattern


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