The Thematic Dandelion Color Trend for Menswear

Author:Alice 2020-05-19

yellow color theme

We escape from the pressure of city, embark on a journey to the distance, and find a blend of youth and nature. We roam freely under the sky and enjoy the warm sunshine. The soft halo carries a languid feel, shining out everywhere. Let's breathe and experience the beauty of sunshine. Dandelion is like the color of sunshine, gentle and beautiful.


Dandelion color

Lively Dandelion is key for outdoor fashion. Functional accessories like tape and drawstring add depth, resulting in utilitarian and stylish looks. As soft as the spring breeze, Dandelion is mild and free, interpreting the casual outdoor style and reshaping ourselves.



Calla Green dominates the early spring, teaming up with Dandelion and Pussywillow Gray to deliver vibrancy and rebellion. Placement Sesame intensifies warmth and calmness. The palette shines out, reminding of the beautiful spring days.


A Complementary Color

Layers and structures characterize trench coats, with color contrast for a bright and pleasing touch. Dandelion, as a complementary color, expresses the free and unruly fashion attitude. Besides, tapes and prints echo each other, creating a vibrant outdoor fashion vibe.


Deconstructed Trench Coats

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