The Craft Trend for Women's Lace of A Happy Holiday

Author:Tom 2020-08-17

women's lace dress


Lace is mystical, seductive and skin-friendly, popular with females. Lace fabric in S/S 2022 inherits the spirit of conventional lace and improves crafts. Multicolored embroidery, beaded embroidery and fun thread embroidery renew conventional lace and display the quality and value of lace. Romantic lace with embroidered flowers, chic lace with beaded embroidery and fun lace with embroidery in pastel colors are featured items this season. They contribute to fashionable lace items, bring a new wearing experience, and appeal to Gen Z.


Women's Lace


Cotton or polyester threads are densely woven to create various embroidered patterns on gauze. The fabric is smooth, soft, foldable, stretchable and anti-crease. Soft embroidered lace inspires the romantic resort style. Lightweight quality and floral patterns fully display femininity and female charm, appealing to young consumers.


wmen's lace


Romantic lace with embroidered flowers is essential for ladies. This theme applies floral patterns to lace fabric, with embroidery, layered ruffles and waisted details to renew styles and show newness. This type of lace reveals both daily wearability and value, suited to dresses, skirts and tops.


women's lace


Hollow beads, tubes, man-made gemstones and sheeny sequins are embroidered on the fabric, in order to create a shiny visual effect. This season Self Portrait employs lots of bead embroidery, quite popular with consumers. Therefore, the beaded embroidery not only enhances the aesthetics and appeal but also taps into fashion trends.


Chic Lace with Beaded Embroidery


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